Dear friend,

We are very happy that you have chosen to start work at Wilcox Farms. The farm has a very long history of involvement in agriculture and poultry. Judson & Elizabeth Wilcox founded the business over 100 years ago in 1909 at the farm site near Harts Lake. There has been continuous Wilcox family involvement ever since. Judson and Elizabeth Wilcox set the moral and ethical tone for the farm many years ago. They believed first of all that it took hard work and good business sense to succeed. Second, they believed that all the farm animals raised on the farm should be tended to in a humane and caring manner, properly fed and maintained. Thirdly they believed that capable farm workers were key to farm success. Early on they started providing benefits before other farms. They believed workers deserved respect for their efforts, and wages they could live on. These same principles that Judson and Elizabeth established many years ago still apply today. We hope that your work experience with Wilcox Farm will be rewarding to all concerned, and that you will be with us for many years.

- Wilcox Family